Femy Toys is an Accessible High End menswear label founded on the premise of Creating an Image, the type which portrayed Premium Lifestyle that didn’t involve breaking a vault regardless preached the gospel of Good Taste, Pure Sophistication, and Great Style. Consistently inspired by The Man and How He Has Evolved, the Brand’s DNA is Finely Stitched to a Minimal Philosophy that celebrates the Art of Design, Precision and Fit, a direction it has stayed Loyal to since inception spanning the Half of a Decade. With a melting-pot-vision to build an independent yet co-existential habitat with a symbiotic relationship between our Pret-a-Porter Line and our Bespoke Range, Our garments are Enthusiastic with Ease, Function, Humor and Impeccable Tailoring.



FemyT.O.Y.S is a first ever menswear brand emerging from the heart of Lagos Nigeria with a magique touch infused with depth of knowledge and a multilingual inventive soulfulness spearheaded by creative design head, Femi Adeyemi.

As a label, FemyT.O.Y.S is constantly influenced by minimalism and art, Regardless, the man who loves to wear our label is that one who appreciates art and simplicity expressed in subtle or charmingly loud colors. Our product buyers are men within age bracket of 20-60.




We serve our clients with creative quality and originality in magique products, hence the payoff; touch of your style.


The vision of the FEMYT.O.Y.S is to grow to be that one label that becomes a domiciled staple in every man’s closet.


To merge diverse knowledge with creative altruism to create trends and deliver original designs that depicts a classic touch of individual style.


Our VALUES at FEMYT.O.Y.S is to ensure delivery of classic product style pieces depicting a Touch Of Your Style. They include;

T – TOUCH: We offer innovative touch to creativity that speaks volumes on designs.

O – ORIGINALITY: We design from scratch taking cognisance of client uniqueness in detailing and finishing.

Y – YOU: We stay on our muse – you, by listening to the heart beat of the market.

S – SERVICE: We know our service could be the difference between business and social success for our clients as such, we go above and beyond.



My journey into the ever evolving cutthroat world of fashion was born out of an innocent fascination with the entire process that comes with bringing a garment to life. Right after I graduated from college, it was quite a challenge getting admission into higher institution of learning and being a naturally ambitious person who desired a future of being a financial custodian. With the support of my parents who advised that I enrolled to be ICAN certified while I worked on gaining admission into the university.
My fascination with fashion began when I was invited to a designer’s factory to pick up a merchandise I had paid for two months earlier. The entire process of seeing how garments were created was quite a thrill that soon became the catalyst that prompted me out of inquisitiveness to want to start my own label. I interned at some couple of places to garner skills, experience and also learn the trick of the trade to staying in business. While this excitement was on, I spent more time on wanting to be a designer over the quest to being an accountant. But I am both today and I am extremely thankful for how far I have come in more than five years. With five collections to our credit, two of which introduced the brand into mainstream fashion, it’s been one of a kind journey of sacrifices, persistence and determination.



Femi Adeyemi is the ambivalent founder and creative head of eclectic fashion brand FEMYT.O.Y.S, a radically distinct men’s fashion line steadily emerging out of Lagos to the global fashion stage. A self-acclaimed chartered tailor possessing a professional vestige in fashion artistry which extends over half a decade, his journey has been a mix of appreciating minimalism arts and tailoring imbibed through the delicate study of fashion maestros whose specialty designs influence his workmanship. These include the simplicity of Calvin Klein and Balenciaga, the artsy craftsmanship of Yohji Yamamoto, Jean Paul Gaultier and Marina Hoermanseder and the impeccable tailoring at Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.
Femi Adeyemi is introducing the third eye touch in material and design selection never before experienced on the Nigerian fashion landscape validating the T.O.Y.S arrow head of the brand, an acronym for Touch Of Your Style. His dexterousness has seen him spewing one innovative collection after another, enthralling the fashion landscape with a quest to acquire design after design. Femi Adeyemi has featured in varying contemporary mainstream and interactive fashion blogs, magazines and runway shows. This innovative genius just concluded works on his latest collection ‘ALA (DREAMS)’ and without much ado, is hot on the heels of the next.

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